Lot AgPlus

Lot AgPlus is a blend of calcium, phosphorus, salt, vitamins, minerals, sulphur and Lasalocid Sodium.

  • Use rate of 20kg/tonne, which means bag can be tipped directly into the mixer
  • Improved feed efficiency and faster growth
  • Less digestive upsets and less feedlot bloat
  • Convenient to use with silage


Suitable for:
  • Bull fattening programs, grain assisted fattening of feedlotting cattle and sheep
Directions for use:
  • Add one 20kg bag per tonne of final feed

Active constitutent: 1650mg/kg of Lasalocid Sodium as an aid to improved growth rate and feed efficiency in cattle.

 Also available with added Monensin - Lot AgPlus R



Warnings & Other Information:
This product contains Lasalocid Sodium. Do not feed to horses or other equines. Do not feed to starving stock. Never let cattle run out of feed.
This product does not contain restricted animal material
Withholding Period: Nil
Storage: Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight

Calcium 29.3 %
Phosphorus 1.2 %
Salt 11.0 %
Sulphur 1.9 %
Vitamin A 175 000 IU
Vitamin B1 245 mg
Vitamin D3 17 500 IU
Vitamin E 750 mg
Cobalt 10.0 mg
Iodine 25.0 mg
Selenium 15.0 mg
Copper 350.0 mg
Ferrous Iron 740.0 mg
Manganese 1780.0 mg
Zinc 1800.0 mg
Organic Zinc 800.0 mg
Lasalocid Sodium 1650.0 mg