Feedlot 802

Feedlot 802 is a high performance premix which contains a careful blend of vitamins and minerals. Specifically formulated for sheep and cattle feedlot rations for fast growth

  • Contains Vitamins A, D and E
  • High level of vitamins to improve the refrigerated shelf life of prepackaged meat
  • Improves growth rate


Suitable for:
  • Larger feedlots that can access protein, calcium, phosphorus and salt
Directions for use:
  • Add 2kg of Feedlot 802 per tonne of final feed.

 Active Constituent: 16.5 grams of Lasalocid Sodium per kg as an aid to improved growth rate and feed efficiency. 



Warnings & Other Information:
This product contains Lasalocid Sodium. Do not feed to horses or other equines. Do not feed to starving stock. Never let cattle run out of feed.
This product does not contain restricted animal material
Withholding Period: Nil
Storage: Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight

Vitamin A 1 750 000 IU
Vitamin D3 175 000 IU
Vitamin E 2 450 mg
Iodine 250 mg
Cobalt 100 mg
Selenium 150 mg
Copper 3 500 mg
Ferrous Iron 7 400 mg
Manganese 17 800 mg
Zinc Inorganic 10 000 mg
Sulphur 6.5 g
Lasalocid Sodium 16.5 g