Shine is a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for addition to horse rations for growth, good health and a shiny coat.

  • Convenient to feed
  • Prevents nutrient deficiencies
  • Prevents dull coats
  • Several protein sources to give a broader spectrum of amino acids
  • High levels of Vitamin E and Selenium to help prevent 'tying up' syndrome
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus to correct imbalances in grasses
  • Mixed with grain and chaff makes a complete ration

4kg, 10kg, 20kg

Suitable for:
  • Feeding to weanlings, broodmares, stallions and performance horses. 
Directions for use:
  • Weanlings 125g
  • Wet Mares 250-400g
  • Dry Mares 125-250g
  • Stallions & yearlings 200-400g
  • Performance horses 200-500g

If desired, this daily does can be evenly split between the morning and evening feed. 
Shine may be mixed with grain and chaff and fed mixed up, or can be fed unmixed to horses on pasture.


 Warnings & Other Information:
This product does not contain restricted animal material
Withholding Period: Nil
Storage: Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight

Crude Protein 22.50 %
Fat 6.00 %
Calcium 7.00 %
Phosphorus 2.48 %
Salt 4.50 %
Magnesium 1.30 %
Lysine 1.57 %
Methionine 0.27 %
Vitamin A 80 000 IU
Vitamin D3 8 000 IU
Vitamin E 400.0 mg
Vitamin K 2.0 mg
Vitamin B1 70.0 mg
Vitamin B2 80.0 mg
Vitamin B6 25.0 mg
Vitamin B12 0.25 mg
Vitamin C 187.0 mg
Biotin 6.25 mg
Calcium Pantothenate 70.0 mg
Folic Acid 25.0 mg
Niacin 200.0 mg
Choline 2900.0 mg
Iodine 5.0 mg
Cobalt 6.25 mg
Selenium 3.75 mg
Copper 250.0 mg
Iron 1500.0 mg
Manganese 1125.0 mg
Zinc 1875.0 mg
Chromium 6.25 mg