Biopep is a premix of 0.1% Biotin on a cereal flour carrier essential for the normal growth of hooves in horses.

  • Many cases of weak misshapen, cracked and crumbly hooves have responded to feed supplementation with Biotin.
  • Hoof Wall Disease is very common in horses. Feeding Biopep can result in much healthier hooves. Because the hoof walls grow slowly, supplementation may be necessary for some months.

4kg, 10kg, 20kg

Suitable for:
  • Pigs, horses and poultry
Directions for use:
  • Horses 
    For correction 20g/horse/day for 150 days
    For maintenance 5g per day
  • Pigs 100-300g per tonne of feed
  • Poultry 150-200g per tonne of feed



Warnings & Other Information:
This product does not contain restricted animal material
Withholding Period: Nil
Storage: Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight

Biotin 1000.0 mg