Wetphos 5

Wetphos 5 is a palatable weatherproof molasses phosphorus protein block containing trace minerals.

  • High level of phosphorus
  • Difficult to over consume

20kg, 40kg and 100kg

Recommended Intake: (per head/per day)
  • Dry cows 60-100g
  • Lactating cows 140-200g
  • Growing stock 40-60g
Directions for use:
  • Wetphos 5 is weatherproof, so the required quantity of blocks may be placed out before the wet season starts. 
  • Place sufficient blocks so stock have ready access to blocks. 
  • Ensure adequate roughage is available



Warnings & Other Information:
This product contains urea which can be poisonous if too much is consumed too quickly. Do not feed to starving stock. Do not feed to horses or other equines
This product does not contain restricted animal material.
Withholding Period: Nil
Storage: Store in a dry place in ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight

Energy DM 3.57 MJ
Protein Meal 4.5 %
Urea 5.0 %
Total Protein 17.6 %
Molasses 29.6 %
Urea 5.0 %
Calcium 11.6 %
Phosphorus 8.0 %
Salt 4.0 %
Magnesium 2.8 %
Sulphur 1.0 %
Vitamin A 48 000 IU
Iodine 20.0 mg
Cobalt 15.0 mg
Selenium 4.5 mg
Copper 300.0 mg
Zinc 500.0 mg