Poly Feeders

Poly feeders are a great way of providing a simple feed trough that will reduce the wastage of your supplement from weather damage.

  • Manufactured from polyethylene which is UV stabilised and durable (won't corrode) while still being lightweight
  • The top can be removed which then allows them to be stacked for storage or transport
  • Better suited to large mobs of livestock
  • Could also be used as a molasses trough
  • Centre divider supports rubber lid

120L and 380L

 Why use poly feeders? 
  • Weather proof - Less spoilage of supplements
  • Durable - Won't rust
  • Light - Yet strong
  • Economical - Low capital outlay
  • Versatile - Can be used for mineral or protein based feeds
  • Simple Construction - Easy to assemble 
  • Stackable - Easy to transport